About Us

The mission of the South Stand SC is simple --- support our club and our community. Sporting Kansas City has woven it's way into the fabric of KC and we want to be a part of that movement. 

SSSC is designed to serve as an umbrella supporters group for the South Stands. We encourage all of our members to form affiliate groups so that they can support SKC in whichever manner they choose. For more information about our current affiliates, check out our Affiliates page. 

The SSSC spans sections 115-122 and provides an excellent soccer experience: close to the action, chair back seats, year-round shade, and a family friendly environment. Our stand also hosts a section of supporters that enjoy standing and singing our club on to victory. So whether you are looking for affordable tickets or just want to get loud & rowdy, South Stand SC can be your answer!


The most visible actions of the SSSC are our tailgates and tifo displays.

We tailgate each Saturday and Sunday match of the year; rain or shine. At our tailgates, we provide the main dish and our members provide the sides and the beverages. We welcome everyone to come out and join us!

Our tifo displays are planned to take place on various dates throughout the year; often coordinated for rivalry match-ups or other key games. Each tifo display is hand-painted over many weekends, often resulting in hundreds of man hours spent from start to finish. 


We have worked hard over the years to give back to our community with various charitable events; donating supplies and time throughout the year. Multiple times throughout the year we will organize drives to support veterans, active military, and kids in need. 

One thing is for certain, whether you are a season ticket member or it's your first match at Sporting Park the South Stand will be here to welcome you!

Feel free to contact us about anything on Twitter @SouthStandSC or via email, admin@southstandsc.org.

Current Leadership //

President: Corbin LeGrand

Vice President: Keith Black 

Treasurer: Whitney Black

Secretary: Ashley Schildknecht

At-Large: Thomas O'Neill, Matt Dick

Communications Co-Chair: Alaina Lamphear

Merch Co-Chair: Sean Krouse

Community Outreach Co-Chair: Ashley Dick

Tifo Co-Chair: Brittany Engle

Gameday Co-Chair: Donna Watkins


South Stand SC is registered as a 501(c)(7) in the state of Kansas. 

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